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Motion Reel


Motion reel that highlights my filming, editing, motion graphic, and color grading skills from multiple projects I have produced.

Yuma Territorial Prison


This short documentary cover the history of the infamous Yuma Territorial Prison that inspired the famous western feature film "3:10 to Yuma" starring Glenn Ford.

motion graphics / editing / audio editing / photo retouching / compositing / color grading

Pasque Watermelons

Promotional Video

Pasque watermelons are the perfect summer treat.

concept / filming / editing / motion graphics / color grading

The Debacle

Feature Film

The Debacle is an independent feature film that I acted as the director of photography on along with providing visual effects, digital clean-up, color grading and editing.

director of photography / motion graphics / digital clean-up / color grading

Natural Delights

Promotional Video

Natural Delights dates growing to packaging.

concept / filming / editing / motion graphics / color grading

On The Farm

Promotional Video

Promotional video to encourage high school students to consider an agriculture based degree.

filming / editing / motion graphics / color grading


Title Sequence

This title sequence was produced for the feature film Donors. The film centers around black market organ trafficking.

concept / filming / editing / motion graphics / color grading

The King in Concert


Promotional video highlighting the electrifing stage show "The King in Concert" celebrating the king of rock n' roll, Elvis Presley.

editing / motion graphics / color grading / audio editing

Buckin' Life

Television Promo

Buckin' Life is a reality-based television series that follows the day to day life of competing rodeo atheletes.

producer / editing / motion graphics / color grading / audio editing

Deadly Renovations

VFX Break Down

A break down of the various VFX shots I produced for the feature film Deadly Renovations.

compositing / 3D modeling / motion graphics / color grading

The Hunt for Gollum

VFX Break Down

VFX before/after reel of shots I produced for the hugely popular fan film, The Hunt for Gollum.

compositing / digital matte / motion graphics / color grading

Old MacDonald


A short animation sequence I create for fun.

3D modeling / compositing / color grading

Santa's Workshop


A very fun commercial to get in the holiday spirit. This spot utilizes greenscreen and compositing techniques to bring to life the North Pole. The scene at the beginning with the workshop in the snowy mountains is a miniature, giving a little nod to the Rudolph special I grew up with.

iPad Magazine


An iPad magazine promoting the benefits of orthodontics through article that utilize video and animation to support each subject.

Alcatraz: The Last Day

App Design

A mobile app for iOs and Android systems. This app highlights the photos taken on the day the last prisoners left Alcatraz. The app includes a photo gallery with photo description of photos taken by photographer Leigh Wiener. Also includes is an introduction video to Alcatraz.

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Elevation Renderings

3D Renderings

These elevations utilize 3D software and compositing techniques help visualize what a new architectural project might look like when completed.

The Many Sides of Investing


Taking a cue from the shape of the company logo, the “Many Side of Investing” was developed to demonstrate all that is offered. Using 3D software mixed with motion graphics the commercial puts a fun spin on investing.

Print Design


Various examples of print design pieces I have created.

Feminine Mastery

Title Sequence

This opening title sequence utilizes motion graphics to blend textures, colors and video to bring still images to life.

The Debacle

DVD Case / 1 Sheet

One sheet poster design and product packaging design for the family film, The Debacle from Four80 Vault Films.

Bad Girls of the Old West

Interactive Kiosk

This interactive kiosk exhibit at the Yuma Territorial Prison museum allows patrons to learn about the women that were sentenced to serve time at the prison. Patrons can click on an individuals mug shot to bring up their details about the crime and their sentence.

Humane Society


This commercial was built to re-enforce the feeling that pets and animals are not material objects like a lifeless paper coffee cup. Built and animated entirely within 3D software. The only live action filming was of the person walking at the beginning.



Samples of logo I have designed.

Presley Productions

Web Design

Website to promote the various live shows produced by Presley Productions.

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The Foothills Bank


This animated spot explores several examples of how things work better together.

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